STX Beacon: Clients


Client Search

To begin entering or searching for your clients, navigate to Home and click Clients.

The Client Search window provides a master list of all clients. 

Click the Show All button to see the master list of all clients previously entered. 

The Client Search page includes pagination, making it easier to scroll through your entire client list.

The top of the list includes the client count for both Active and Inactive clients, as well as the page information. 

The bottom of the list includes the page information. 

Click Next to advance to the next page. Click Previous to return to the previous page.

Click the New button to add a new client.

Using the search field, you can locate a specific client or group of clients by name, email address, or phone number. Use the Search field to find a client by First Name, Last Name, or any part of a Phone or Email address. A minimum of 2 characters must be entered to search. Click the Search button. The list of matching clients will appear.

Click the Book Appt button to schedule a new appointment for the specific client.

Click the client’s Full Name link to access the Quick Card client record.

Clicking the New button will display a blank ‘Quick Add’ client card page if the Client Preferences are enabled for the Quick Add.

The client Quick Card displays frequently used information, such as Last Visit, Next Appointment, account Balances, and Rewards information. 

Click Save or Save & Book if changes were made to the client contact information and you wish to make an appointment for the client.

Click Book Appt if no changes were made, or go to the full client card by clicking Go To Full Client Card.

Quick Add

Enter the Contact information into the required fields on the Quick Add client card page. 

Click Go To Full Client Card to enter the client contact, profile, and preferences information.

Full Client Card

Client Info contains client contact information.

Client First Name and Last Name will always be required. The other required fields are defined in the Client Preferences under Setup > Clients.

Responsible Party - a different client who is ‘responsible’ for the current client, as in the case where the ‘mother’ is responsible for the ‘daughter’. 

Click Lookup to search for and select the ‘responsible’ client. Note: The ‘responsible’ client must already have a client record in the system.

Client Profile contains Gender, Occupation, Birthdate, Client Flags, Referred By, and a listing of clients the current client has referred. 

The My Referrals listing allows access to the client card directly from the list.

Appointments tab contains:

  • Booking Restrictions

  • Past and Future appointments

  • Booking Frequency

  • Allow Online Booking checkbox

  • PIN for logging into online booking

  • Standing Appointment information

  • Option for setting a Preferred Duration for appointment services

Preferred Duration can only be set once for a worker/service combination. 

If the worker/service combination normally allows for ‘double-booking’, the total time of the service will be used for the Preferred Duration. ’Double-booking’ over the service with a preferred duration can only be accomplished via Express Booking or Moving an appointment via ‘drag-and-drop’.

Booking Restrictions allows for either Alert Only or Do Not Book in the Type drop-down menu. With either type, you will be alerted when attempting to book an appointment for the client with a booking restriction. Reasons and Notes will display in each alert message.

Alert Only allows scheduling the appointment.

Do Not Book prevents scheduling the appointment.

Email/Text Log tab contains all emails and texts the client has received as long as you are subscribing to the Online feature.

Product Log tab contains all product purchases the client has made, and which worker sold them.

Service Log tab contains all services the client has received, and which worker performed them. Allows entering service notes per each service, such as a color formula.

Preferences tab contains options for sending Marketing campaigns, appointment Notification, and appointment Reminder.

Preferences must be set for the Notification and Reminder options for the emails to be sent, unless the client has opted out.

In order for a text message to be sent to a client’s mobile phone, a Mobile Carrier must be selected.

Accounts > Rewards allows enabling your clients to participate in your Rewards programs by checking the Active Rewards box. 

Add or remove points from various programs via the Adjust Points field by entering either a positive amount (+ to add) or negative amount (- to subtract) when adjusting point balances. The Description field allows you to enter a note regarding the adjustment of points.

Programs with 0 point balances will not display. 

Note: Rewards setup and tracking is detailed in a separate guide - contact the Support department.

Accounts > Memberships displays the Membership ID specific to the client, each Membership Program in which the client is currently participating, as well as past membership participation. 

Note: Memberships setup and tracking is detailed in a separate guide. If you would like a copy, please visit the Beacon Resource page on our website at or contact the Support department.

Accounts > Packages displays the Package information, including the number of Unused items.

Note: The setup, redemption, and tracking of Packages is detailed in a separate guide. If you would like a copy, please visit the Beacon Resource page on our website at or contact the Support department.

Accounts > Account Balance table contains historical information regarding the client’s in-house charges via Tickets. Allow your clients to Hold ticket balances, pay Deposits, add Prepayments, and use Credits against their ticket totals.

Enter a Starting Balance if the client already has an in-house charge prior to using the STX Beacon system. Once you have entered the Starting Balance and saved the client record, the starting balance may not be edited.

Debit Type:

Account Charge: when a credit is 'used' to pay for the ticket or when a ticket balance has been put on ‘hold’, listed as positive values.

Credit Type:

Prepayment: when a client prepays for a set of services, listed as negative values.

Deposit: when a client partially pays for a service, listed as negative values.

Rec’d On Account: when a client is paying for all/part of their current account balance, listed as negative values.

Current Balance: running total of the client’s balance. A negative balance indicates a credit is due to the client.

Accounts: Store Credit Card Token

Beacon includes the ability to store a credit card token on the Client Card > Accounts tab for future charges. 

The system will perform a monthly batch job to check for expired credit card tokens and remove the flag signifying a stored token. 

The company Owner will be sent an email for followup with the following details: 

Client Name Expiration Payment Type

Note: You must be processing credit cards electronically within Beacon in order to store a credit card token.

Action Buttons

Click Save to save the client record and return to the client search page.

Click Cancel to cancel the changes made to the client record and return to the client search page.

Click Delete to delete the client record. This is only allowed when the client has no appointments or tickets.

Click Save & Book to save the client record and go immediately to booking.

Click Merge Client to merge this record with another client card (see following).

Merge Client

The Beacon system includes the ability to merge duplicate client records into a single record.

Navigate to Clients and search for the client you wish to ‘keep’. 

Click the client’s Full Name hyperlink, then click the Go To Full Client Card button.

To merge another client record into ‘this’ client card, click the Merge Client button.

Search for and select the duplicate client.

Select the appropriate pieces of information you wish to ‘keep’ by clicking the radio buttons. 

Historical items, such as tickets and appointments will automatically merge from one record to the other.

Click the Merge button to complete the merging of the client records. Click the Cancel button to cancel the merging process.

After the merge process is complete, or you canceled the process, you will be returned to the full client card. 

Click the Save button to save the merged information.

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