Grow Your Business with Online Services

Enhance your Desktop experience with Online Services, a monthly subscription that allows businesses to engage online with guests on a more extensive level.

Online Booking
Guests can book online 24/7, receive text or email reminders, and confirm appointments through email.

Email Marketing
Send customized emails, filter recipient list by services, visits, etc. and track effectiveness and impact of emails.

Automated Data Backup
Your business retains all data on-site and STX backs it up to our remote, secure Online Services Center.

Gift Card Sales
Guests can purchase certificates or gift cards 24/7, and the transaction is automatically transferred into STX.

Employee Corner
Allow your staff to view their appointment book from any web browser any time of the day or night.

Ease of Use
STX is your host, programmer and technical support. You only need STX, a Mac computer, and the Internet.